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This is bloody awesome. I hope the full game is still in the works. An incredible experience. 

This is a cool wee game but is it supposed to just keep looping at the BSOD? I can't seem to find any way forward from there. Looking forward to the full version!

this game make me feel unconfortable for an unity game its really well made i mean its impressive ... But this game have no clue about what to do i figure out you can make the path solid in some point of the game i freak out and find myself to turn in circle ... any tip to go further in this game .

Hey so the game looks really cool, but unfortunately I'm having trouble with the controls. When using a controller, the camera just moves right forever. Additionally using a keyboard is difficult as I use a non-QWERTY keyboard layout. If you could read the keybinds I set in the unity config that opens before the game, that would fix the layout issue (and it should be an easy fix as well). Kudos for the Linux version!


If you were to download the file to your computer normally and open the exe file while holding shift, the unity options pops up! I think that will get you where you need to be. 

The game is ignoring the controls set in unity options

Is the game even maintained anymore? I've gone completely unnoticed for nearly a month. It's a pretty big deal when you can't rebind keys and the controller support doesn't even work :/


As description suggests, this demo wasn't updated since 2012 and I think dev dosn't plan to update it but rather finish the full game


Someone recommended this to me about a year ago while I was working on my diploma work (vr and mixed media installation) at an art school.  I'm not really a person who plays video games but memory of a broken dimension changed something in me, starting from the fact that I felt beaten down and extremely inspired at the same time because someone had already created something that I so  wanted to create. 

It's been a year since I've played it for the first time, a half a year since I presented my diploma work but I still keep returning to this game, the whole experience is somewhere at the back of my mind. Thank you and I hope to see it finished one day.

Just played all the way through it(?) and failed to find any easter-egg command through stringdumping :( 

Glitch exploration is always fun


I tried Linux commands. Apparently RELICS isn't Unix based. No, seriously, what commants can I use? apparently it reacts to CD and START, but idk how to introduce any parameters

I hope to see this finished one day <3

I wonder how development is going...I loved the demo so much.

Is there a way to get/purchase the full game? Or is it still in development and thus there is no way to get it?

It's still in development, scroll down, the dev says they stream development. but it's not released yet

The visuals remind me of LORN's album art and it's the best. I've always wanted to feel like I'm stuck in some kind of static limbo experience that I can interact with but not be given direct guidelines. And this ticks all the boxes with haunting accuracy. This game has given me such a short amount of joy and it deserves all the support that I and many others can give to the project. Fantastic vision and prototype.

Is the end of this demo the BSOD? Interesting graphics and especially the audio, really well done and immersive. Looking forward to the full game.


I really enjoyed the prototype! Is the full game still in development?


thanks for checking it out!  still in development, i stream development usually thursday-sundays at

I love datamosh/glitch shit, this looks so good. 

when are you going to work more on psycho strafe


I really want that font lol. The one from the terminal at the start of the game.

how do you get past the terminal

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I love this project, but I just happened to xubuntu, 
how is the installation method for this operating system?
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Hello, i'm on linux (64bits & nvidia w. proprietary drivers) also, the installation is as simple as on windows or mac if you're using the desktop client.

I absolutely love originality like this.

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Can't wait for this to come out.
Day 1 purchase

Streamed it a long time ago

Typing Start on the console returns "SELECT". Is that supposed to mean something? 0-0

BTW, this is an AWESOME game. Can't wait to see more.

This is beautiful. I wish I understood the noise better....

This game looks absolutely fantastic, but the main only issue I had is trying to find out if there is something I am supposed to do specifically after I voidscan and then dive. If there is, a little guidance somehow would be very useful. Thank you, and I look foward to the development of this game.

I really liked this game and i hope you enjoy the video


Came for the intriguing visuals and theme. Stayed for the discovery & play. Balancing those two aspects of design so well is certainly a thing to take pride in, especially in a prototype. Looking forward to the final creation, whenever and however it is realized.

Yeah, my mouse doesn't work either. My controller doesn't work too well with it as well, and the configuration settings that Unity uses isn't exactly clear on everything. Sooooo I can't play either >.>

Hope the full version doesn't have these problems. I really wanted to give this game a shot :(

Sorry about the trouble, I added a version with controller-detection disabled, it is the, give that shot. I'll fix the prototype to use a config file that the full version uses when I get a chance.

love the idea of the project. but the mouse doesn't work. playability is important. :(

sorry for the delayed response, check out the version and the above comment about this


for everyone out here waiting for news \ searching for updates and whether the project is still alive. seems like it is, also xra (the author) is streaming the development. you are welcome.

PLEAAAAAASE make the full version happen. The demo was amazing. I'll be gladly donating more when I can.

Your game is dope and people are taking notice. Cool review here if you want to check it out:

Am I supposed to be able to mouselook after I dive into the first area? Because all I can seem to do is run forward/backward, jump and strafe.

Had to kill off backround xboxdrv process, then mouselook worked. Just need to invert mouse Y now...and work out what I'm supposed to be doing...

Found a way to globally invert the mouse in linux (ubuntu in my case) to work around all these unity games on here that lack the option, thought it might help someone else. Get a list of input devices with:

xinput -list

Find your mouse device and substitute the name into this command:

xinput set-int-prop pointer:"MOUSE DEVICE" "Evdev Axis Inversion" 8 0 1

To turn off Y inversion use this command:

xinput set-int-prop pointer:"MOUSE DEVICE" "Evdev Axis Inversion" 8 0 0

Now bind each command to a hotkey using the system keyboard control panel so it can easily be toggled in-game, in case you need non-inverted for menus, etc.

Looking forward giving this game a proper play now.

If someone have problem with mouse running on linux, try `sudo rmmod joydev`. This will disable joystick module in running linux. After system restart, you should disable joydev again. Also, thanks for game, this is awesome. I love glitch art so much.


I'm so confused as what to do after you actually get into the game and not doing the codes and files.


Hey everyone. lets talk awesome. yeah I know, the word gets used a fair bit, but today we are going to be talking about "Memory of a broken dimension prototype" or MOBD for short. And so we will be talking in the true sense of AWE-some. An excellent short experience that has no explanation, and is better off for that fact (unfortunately I couldn't get a hold of the finished product, so we will be talking about the version 2 prototype).

MOBD is a 20 minute unity based game which essentially has two parts, the first being a constantly mutating DOS screen that sets a dark and mysterious one. Only after inputting the correct sequence of codes can the player access the second phase of the game. Here the game gives the player control of an unseen character who can walk, jump and piece the world around them back together. Which becomes the main focus of the game. In the prototype when you finish fixing as much of the level as you can (although are you really fixing anything? Are you just trying to escape?), and cross what I can only describe as an event horizon (which has been hovering over you for most of the game, warping space around you), the game cuts to a simulated "blue screen of death", before restarting from the top.

MOBD is based around exploration, discovery, and a truly deep sense of the uncanny. From the point at which it loads, MOBD drags the player down into a world where they know nothing, and have only implication to go off. Words like space, satellite and shutdown spring out of the code to give the player only the roughest of ideas as to what has actually happened. This ties in with the games overall atmosphere which is downright creepy. From the untimely mutating code, which you can't escape from, (seriously, if you press escape it just tells you "there is no escape" or if you type "exit" it tells you" you can not exit") to the static and glitching world you inhabit during the games second stage. Overall the effect on the player, is similar to that found in Slender: the 8 pages. You know something is there, or is it? how much is just you being scared, and how much is the game?

As I mentioned before, the code in the game's first section constantly mutates. from single digits to whole words being added or warped. It is at the least off putting, as the player is never certain why it's happening, whether it is intentionally random, or supposed to be another entity inside the same system. The best part is you will never know. As we move into the second part the game has more elements to work with, from a black and white visual layout to an environment the player can now interact with. The screen itself begins to become covered in pseudo-random static, and players surroundings, although being based on geometric lines, shift and warp, keeping the player constantly disorientated. Overall the game is well planned and executed, and while it isn't scary in the conventional sense, it is something much more fulfilling, there are no jump scares, and your beating heart will not run at supersonic speeds. But it will fill every corner of your mind with a concoction of unsettling intrigue. And the best part is, you will want to see more by the end.

Expect an experience, not so much of a game in the traditional sense. Expect to turn off the lights, put in your best headphones/speaker set, and then soon wonder if you are actually alone in the room.
Expect to be left with questions, and slow answers that will trickle into your mind the next night when you are lying in bed.

Expect the true feeling of being in awe, amazed at the art style, the technical aspects used to bring that style to life. The uncomfortable feeling of standing in a world with some thing much greater than yourself, something unknown. Maybe awesome, maybe awful. Either way an awe inspiring entity which is in no certain way, certainly expressed through MOBD's gameplay.


Very accurate description!


Good Review !

thanks for the excellent revie▒wwww▄▄▄




I have literally no idea what to do! I type all sorts of things but get no clues how to proceed. It looks pretty cool visually though.


me too m8 this game looks fantastic if only I could gets it in

same i have no idea

Created an account mainly to reply to this haha. In the UI section you can always type "help" for available commands.


So, I started off with what little DosBox knowledge i had and typed "dir" (shows what files are in the DIRectory you're currently in). I noticed a couple listed something like blahblah"voidscan.exe" and blahblah"remote.exe" along with lots of .dat files and such. (also don't freak out too hard if typing "help" returns an invalid command- it does that sometimes to screw with you :D). I tried "voidscan" and "remote" a couple times and looked at the unsettling sequences unfold before realizing "remote" is (to my knowledge) activate the (satellites?) responsible for the integrity of the dimension's files. "voidscan" updates the list from the (satelite link?). I didn't know "help" actually worked so i found myself battling the s#!tty refresh rate of my monitor and the art-style of the game to look at the newly populated list of files that scrolled by too fast while spamming "dir". I saw a .exe that fortunately caught my eye called "dive.exe". so.. I typed "dive". .. .. . I was changed ever since ;)

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